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The Science of OxiClean™

Powered by the air you breathe, activated by the water you drink.

Ask anyone who’s tried our products and they’ll no doubt tell you OxiClean™ flat-out works! Ask them how and they might not be so sure.

But the answer is simple – OXYGEN. You see, more than 10 years ago scientists at Orange Glo International had a brilliant idea – to harness the power of oxygen to clean better than ever before. The result was OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder, a breakthrough cleaning sensation that virtually revolutionized the industry.

Since then, OxiClean™ has created more than 25 products for everything from clothes and carpet to decks and driveways…you name it. And while the OxiClean™ brand family tackles many different stains in and around the home, they all have that one thing in common – OXYGEN.

Without sharing all our trade secrets, here are a few details explaining why OxiClean™ works better than all the others.

Bubble, bubble…stains in trouble:

Listen closely and you might actually hear OxiClean™ working. That’s because the interaction between oxygen and water is what the OxiClean™ formula is all about.

  • Just look for the bubbles and you know it’s working. That’s the oxygen interacting with the stains
  • OxiClean™ searches out stains and dives deep into the surface to lift them away
  • The reactions continue until there is no stain left to remove

What’s in a stain?

Stains are more than ketchup, coffee or dirt. They are actually a compound of ingredients that can be broken down into categories. Understanding these categories will help you see why each stain needs a different combination of stain fighters to remove it from a surface. Good thing the OxiClean™ oxygenated formula has the power to create all the necessary combinations!

Here are the three categories of stains:

  1. Organic. These stains have properties associated with living organisms. Organic stains can be either reaction-based or oil- or fat-based
    • To fight reaction-based stains like wine, juice and blood, the formula of the stain fighter must change the stain itself
    • To fight oil- or fat-based stains like cooking oils and mayonnaise, the chemical reaction in the stain fighter must attack the stain and lift it from the surface
  2. Inorganic. Composed of man-made substances, these are the toughest to completely remove
    • To fight inorganic stains like cosmetics, paint and hair dyes, a solvent, or detergent, is required
  3. Combination. The most common stain chemistry involves a combination of organic and inorganic stains
    • To fight combination stains like spaghetti sauce and gravy, a product with detergent and a source of oxygen is a must

Let’s get scientific:

The OxiClean™ compound is actually a combination of ingredients, the chief ingredient being a solidified form of hydrogen peroxide. Another essential part of the formula is the surfactants, or detergents. Combined, these ingredients work together to do some amazing things, like:

  • making water wetter
  • making oil stains soluble in water
  • emulsifying oils
  • lifting stains off surfaces
  • providing the right combination for the right job

Chemistry aside, the OxiClean™ formula breaks down to the basic interaction of water and oxygen, although it does vary by product.

For example, with OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder, you add water to create the reaction. In the liquid OxiClean™ Triple Power Stain Fighter, water and oxygen have already been combined and are just waiting to fight stains.

More reasons OxiClean™ is just plain better:


  • It’s gentler. Because it doesn’t have a chlorine base, OxiClean™ is less harsh on sensitive skin when used as directed
  • It’s non-damaging. Chlorine based products can damage fibres in the stain fighting process and can’t be used on colour. OxiClean™, on the other hand, seeks out the stain’s surface and lifts the stain away without damaging fabrics and other materials. See packaging for a list of fabrics and items on which the use of OxiClean™ is not recommended
  • It’s environmentally friendly. OxiClean™ is powered by the air we breathe and the water we drink, so it uses natural reactions in the environment to fight stains
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